Firefly Series

The Synergy1 is the first flashlight I designed, a small 2x AAA custom light that offers many customization options and of course, all work done by me. Even with all that, it’s the most affordable custom light on the market and I’m proud of that fact. Being so affordable gives me room to offer more options and offer an even higher end light while still being extremely competitive, and so the Firefly Series was born.

The Firefly Series is sort of the higher end version of the existing model. The standard model acts as the base, with a Firefly Shield inlay to denote it as Firefly series. They will have features added on to it to improve its performance, looks, or both. These features are limited in nature due to limited materials (such as rare LEDs or exotic metals) and often take much more time to produce (like the hand worked Vestige finish) and so will not be a standard offering. Firefly Series lights will only be offered sporadically and not always with the same Firefly upgrades. In the spirit of keeping things fresh and unique I hope to constantly vary any Firefly drops with new and surprising features.

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