FML2 (Clear)

FML2 (Clear)

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Version 2 of the Frelux Magnetic Light (FML2) has arrived! This utility light has been designed specifically with the tradesman in mind. The perfect work light for Machinists, Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Maintenance Techs and just about any other trade. Especially nice when space is tight, it has strong magnets on both the base and back side of the light. It can be attached to many surfaces out of the way with the flexible neck allowing you to get the light just where you want it. Optionally a small base can be attached for added stability on non-magnetic surfaces. This light has proprietary Frelux™ electronics and firmware. Everything that could be made in the USA was made in the USA including the PCBs. For the most efficiency and best user experience we recommend using button top unprotected 14500 li-ion batteries.

  • Machined from 6061 USA produced manifold quality aluminum
  • Samsung LH351D 5000k 92 CRI LED
  • Ultra wide flicker free light output
  • Variable Output 5 lumens - 600 lumens with 14500 batteries
  • 14500 Average Runtimes Low: 90 Hours Default: 10 Hours High: 1 Hours
  • Variable Output 3 lumens - 250 lumens with AA batteries
  • AA Average Runtimes Low: 200 Hours Default: 6.5 Hours High: 2 Hours
  • Adjustable heatshield and glare reducer
  • Genuine Loc-Line® Flexible Neck
  • Frelux™ multi-chemistry multi-voltage high efficiency constant current driver
  • Frelux™ ramping user interface with memory
  • Physical Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection (Both cell types, temporary override capable)
  • Over Temperature Protection (temporary override capable)
  • Physical button lockout
  • Water\Oil Resistant - oring sealed (subject to flexible neck limitations prolonged submersion not recommend)

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Lambert
Awesome work light!

I bought this for use as a work light for my car. I ended up using it as my desk lamp. It’s perfect for both uses in my book. I love the design in its simplicity but the craftsmanship shows when feeling it and using it. This light is now my most used light at home. Thank you for an amazing light!

Travis Hollowell

Great light.. The light is extremely versatile with the two magnetic points. Light output is excellent along with run time. Build quality is top notch. As a fabricator myself I can see the builder has a great eye for detail.

Randy Crocker

Awesome work light

Joseph Tolisano
Best Lights IMO!!

Frelux makes some of my favorite lights... I couldn’t be happier with my FML2. 10/10