Lux² Base

Lux² Base

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*** Important Please Read***

We are now offering the base in either a Work Base configuration (with the arms & clamps) or a Desk Base configuration (with color matched inserts to match light switch). Please first add the color base you want to the cart and then also add either the arms or inserts to the cart for a complete base. 

  • CNC machined from 6061 billet .98" thick with a 5.5" x 5.5" foot print
  • Pocket area for storage of various items with chamfered edges for easy cleaning
  • Two integrated work-holding arms with Frelux™ custom designed CNC machined clamps (***Work Base***)
  • Two machined and anodized accent inserts to match your light switch and make things pop (***Desk Base***)
  • Polyurethane gel pad to help keep base in place on slippery desk surfaces 
  • 4 soft rubber feet for stability
  • Anodized for durability

Our work base shares the same basic design as our desk base and is machined from a solid 1" thick billet of 6061 aluminum. It features a 1/8 deep pocket for the Lux² Lamp as well as a pocket with chamfered edges which allows for easy cleaning. It also includes two integrated work holding arms with Frelux™ design CNC machined clamps.

This system is our take on the classic helping hands which can be quite frustrating to use. Like our lamp, the arms are easy to adjust and feature our unique clamps. The clamps use a nylon thumb screw and optional (included) machined insert to hold things without marring them. We actually use this system when assembling the Frelux™ Lux² LED Lamps.