Synergy1 Firefly Series #2

Synergy1 Firefly Series #2

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This light is part of a very limited series of Synergy1 flashlights. The Firefly series lights all share the Firefly Shield emblem on the top. A lot of time goes into each light to create something special and although some share a common theme each one is unique. They are all numbered and come with a laser engraved numbers matching authenticity card.

This light has the new Synergy1 driver and a community favorite LED, the Nichia 219BT R9080 SW45. It is blue anodized, has the hand worked Vestige finish, patinated brass inlays, patinated brass retention nut and a titanium clip.

The mode order for the new driver is: Low - Medium - High
The light powers on to low and you "half press" (no click) to cycle the modes. Alternatively if you fully press (click) in succession it will also cycle the modes.

Third party tested specs:

Cree XP-G2 Low: 1.9 lumens
Cree XP-G2 Mid: 37 lumens
Cree XP-G2 High: 188 lumens

Nichia 219c Low: 1.4 lumens
Nichia 219c Mid: 25 lumens
Nichia 219c High: 125 lumens

Run Time:

High: 1 Hours
Medium: 8 hours
Low: 36 hours

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