Synergy1 Flashlight Original (Black)

Synergy1 Flashlight Original (Black)

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*** Now with improved driver ***

This particular version of the Synergy1 Flashlight is a new offering of the original light design with all of the minor tweaks of the BFG style sans the grooves.They are being offered in a variety of popular colors including a titanium clip or titanium lanyard loop and a Cree LED at a great price.

I designed the Synergy1 because its something I wanted. I used to carry a small AAA Streamlight and after a few years it finally just fell apart. After looking online for something new and not finding anything small and pocket-able that caught my eye I decided to design my own. As I went through the iterations it became apparent the side by side form factor was a good one to make something unique. So not only is it an interesting looking light its also modular. Its a 2x AAA light with a reverse clicky button on the front and has low-medium-high modes. It is o-ring sealed front to back, modular allowing easy user customization, and has an optional clip that works on either side of the light. Every part of the light body manufacturing process as well as the titanium clip is handled in house, right here in the USA. It does however contain some internals from overseas, but I have taken the time to build good relationships directly with the suppliers of those to ensure the utmost quality.

The mode order for the new driver is: Low - Medium - High
The light powers on to low and you "half press" (no click) to cycle the modes. Alternatively if you fully press (click) in succession it will also cycle the modes.

Third party tested specs:

Cree XP-G2 Low: 1.9 lumens
Cree XP-G2 Mid: 37 lumens
Cree XP-G2 High: 188 lumens

Run Time:

High: 1 Hours
Medium: 8 hours
Low: 40 hours

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Stutheit

Awesome little light.

Lucas Murphy

I have trouble leaving this guy at home.
The synergy1 quickly became my go to EDC lite.