Synergy2 Green

Synergy2 Green

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The all new Synergy2 EDC flashlight is a result of over two years of development. Each light is made with care and pride by just one person, raw stock to finished product. This light has proprietary Frelux™ electronics and firmware. Everything that could be made in the USA was made in the USA including the PCBs. While similar in form factor to the Synergy1 it is different in all other areas. Its an AA / 14500 based light with the following features:

  • Machined from 6061 USA produced manifold quality aluminum
  • Samsung LH351D 5000k 92 CRI LED
  • Frelux™ multi-chemistry multi-voltage high efficiency constant current driver
  • Frelux™ ramping user interface with memory
  • Physical Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection (Both cell types, temporary override capable)
  • Over Temperature Protection (temporary override capable)
  • Adjustable tension, ambidextrous titanium pocket clip
  • Physical button lockout
  • Waterproof (tested to 8ft deep)


Candle Power Forums review from Devin

Technical review with more specs than you can shake a stick at!

Below is a compilation of videos from my Instagram account @Frelux which you should follow for the latest information.

At the time of the first pre-order I have not had the light third party tested. The estimated output numbers based on spec sheets and current draw are the below. Because of the "infinite" modes of the ramping firmware I will list the highs and lows.  I will update this page and the manual when I have more data. Anecdotally with daily carry I have seen about 6-7 days using 1000mAh 14500's and close to two weeks using 2450mAh eneloop pro Ni-HM batteries before needing a recharge.  

Tested and confirmed compatible batteries:



*** Third Party Tested Output and Estimated Run Times ***

Eneloop Ni-HM - Low Output: 1.7lm
Eneloop Ni-HM - Low Run Time: 200 hours
Eneloop Ni-HM - Default Output: 25lm
Eneloop Ni-HM - High Run Time: 6.5 hrs
Eneloop Ni-HM - High Output: 227lm
Eneloop Ni-HM - High Run Time: 2 hrs

Vapcell ICR14500 - Low Output: 3.7lm
Vapcell ICR14500 - Low Run Time: 90 hours
Vapcell ICR14500 - Default Output: 66lm
Vapcell ICR14500 - Low Run Time: 10 hours
Vapcell ICR14500 - High Output: 549lm
Vapcell ICR14500 - High Run Time: 55 minutes
Vapcell ICR14500 - Turbo Output: 784lm
Vapcell ICR14500 - Turbo Run Time: 30 minutes

View the Synergy2 Manual (WIP)


Customer Reviews

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Best AA flashlight!

Over the years I developed a fascination for flashlights. I am always looking for the best combination of features, form factor and practicality out there. I believe this flashlight is best in class in all categories. Some of the great features include:
1)Excellent user interface
2)Great battery life (easy to get AAs)
3)Flexibility with battery chemistries
4)Great emitter with nice flood pattern
5)Great weather resistance

The craftsmanship and materials are superb and the flashlight feels great in the hand. As a bonus Benjamin is a great person to deal with and very responsive if you have questions.

Fantastic light

It's perfect to carry in any type of pants or shorts. I liked it so much I pre-ordered a second

Ivan Pauole
Blown away

I’m glad no one had to hype this light up for me, I came into the purchase not knowing much about Ben and how great he does machining his parts and how much pride he takes in his products. I just seen a cool light one day and figured I wanted one. When it came in and I started using it for my carry on grave shift at work, I swear it out performed in ways I didn’t expect, the user interface is easy to work and figure out and it puts out a nice flood of light and it’s pretty bright even when I don’t have it on the highest setting. If anyone is on the fence about spending the cash to get an S2, I’d say it’s well worth the price when you can get one.