When we started this venture we had chosen Freedom Lighting as the name. Well someone was asleep at the keyboard and neglected to find another company on the east coast with the same name. We then decided on FreeLux instead but wouldn’t you know some sneaky domain hoarder wanted $10k for the domain so we decided heck with it lets follow the example of many before us and make something up! We dropped an E and Frelux [free luhks] was born.

We are launching the Synergy1 product with pre-orders for a few reasons. The main reason is the production of our main electronics component. Being a small family owned and operated manufacturer, the ability to judge demand is very important. While machining the parts is not really an issue since we do all that in house, getting the internal parts made is another story. It’s important to know what sort of leverage we have with our suppliers so we can negotiate the best price. So in the end we feel a pre-order will help us to serve our customers more efficiently and build the best product we can.

We feel the money and more importantly the time taken to use one of those sites is better invested into our own site. In doing so we can be more efficient in the processing of orders and we will be better equipped to serve our customers in the future. Furthermore, it also means we can keep your information out of at least one more third parties’ database, we hate spammers as much as you do.

We are estimating that pre-orders will be shipped 3-4 months from the time pre-orders close (TBD based on demand est mid March 2018). If you are not comfortable with this wait time please do not pre-order.

The Synergy1 is o-ring sealed at the lens and where the sections come together. With careful assembly and proper o-ring maintenance we have had no leaks in our own testing. That said we are not able to test at any depth past a few feet and the Synergy1 was not designed to be used when diving.

Our design relies on a strong magnet in the base to keep it in place. When attached to just about any magnetic surface it should remain stationary even while adjusting the position of light head. Its not lost on us that many people may not have a magnetic surface where they want to use the lamp so we have developed a few different options: Accessory Base - Desk Base - Work Base

With the Frelux™ designed sealed momentary switch (FDSMS) and o-ring seals in both the head and base, the Lux² lamp is one of the most robust lamps of its kind. We have tested the lamps in some pretty extreme conditions such as inside CNC machines running non-synthetic flood coolant to no ill effect. We even smacked one with a face mill (oops!). After fetching it from the chip bin, plugging it back in it turned right back on and we continue to use that same lamp in our robodrill. While we are confident in saying it is liquid resistant, it is not designed to be water / liquid proof e.g. submersion. You should not allow the lamp to be completely submerged in any liquid. You may also want to clean the polycarbonate lense often if you are exposing it to chemicals as it could begin to develop cracks.