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Our Story

Frelux [free luhks] is a small consumer products design and manufacturing company. We are family owned and operated, located in the heartland of America, just outside of Chicago. While the Frelux banner is new, we operate under iSynergy Inc, an IT services company that has supported local small business in the Chicagoland area for over 10 years.

At Frelux our vision is simple, we want to design and manufacture quality products at affordable prices right here in the USA. Through our experience working with small businesses of all types, we are firm believers in small business efficiency and in the use of technology as competitive equalizer. Our focus is on CNC machined products and lean manufacturing.

We are members of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, which played an important role as we started down this journey. As of this writing, we are the only startup that had been granted access to use the CNC machines in the UI Labs facility at Goose Island to machine prototypes. In line with DMDII’s vision we try to help our community and hopefully spark interest about manufacturing with everyone we encounter. To that end, during IMTS 2016, we were honored to speak at UI Labs on behalf of Autodesk Inc. With the attendance of around 80 of our colleges, makers, machinists, and small business owners, the focus was on the impact that Fusion 360 product has had on our business. We have also been honored with a small mention in the Deloitte third-party assessment of manufacturing USA program through our continued connection with DMDII.

Being a small company with each member of our team wearing many hats, sometimes we are unable to answer every single question that is asked. Be sure to check out our FAQ, and our Instagram. We routinely update our customers and followers so be sure to give us a follow to stay up to date with the latest happenings at Frelux. You may also want to check back here for more detailed updates and site exclusives like discount codes and special offers.

-Benjamin & Family