Frelux Synergy2 Manual

Thanks for purchasing a Synergy2 light! Below is the online manual and specifications (subject to change and a work in progress).


2x AA OR 2x 14500 Standard use - Don't mix cell types

Never mix cell type and always change both batteries at the same time.
The light can be operated with a single cell of either type with a shorter run time. Again, never add a fresh cell with a depleted cell, if using two cells ensure both are fully charged before using them. The battery orientation is noted on the back cap of the light and is positive side in.


Tested and confirmed compatible batteries, 14500 are recommended:



In the case of 14500 use button top, unprotected cells. Due to wild west nature of Li-Ion batteries, Amazon is NOT a recommended place to purchase them. Some button top batteries that have a very short button which wont work with the physical reverse polarity protection, so look for ones with something similar to that of a standard AA battery. 

Third Party Tested Output Specifications:

Li-ion Cells
Low: 3.7 lm
Default: 66 lm
High: 549 lm
Turbo: 784 lm

NiMH Cells
Low: 1.7 lm
Default: 25 lm
High: 227 lm

Synergy2 Operation:

Physical Lockout

Turn Button Clockwise: This will physically lock the button preventing accidental power on. Alternatively it could be locked when the light is on to prevent accidental power off.
Turn Button Counter-Clockwise: This will unlock the button.

Memory Mode

Momentary Press: This is activate the memory mode when the light is in either the ON or OFF state.
Press and Hold: When the light is on, press and hold the button to begin ramping the light level up or down. You can reverse direction by releasing and then performing the same press and hold action. The light level you are at when the button is released is the new memory mode setting.

Turbo Mode

Double Press: When the light is in either state, On or Off, a double press of the button will go straight to turbo mode.
Single Press: When the light is on after turbo mode activation and single press will turn it off.
Double Press: When the light is on after turbo mode activation, double press a second time to jump to memory mode.

Moonlight Mode

Press and Hold: When the light is off, press and hold to activate moonlight mode. This is the lowest output possible with the Synergy2.
Single Press: With moonlight mode active, a single press will turn the light off.

Frelux FPV-AA Driver:

The driver and firmware were designed specifically for the Synergy2. While this is a very large undertaking for a small firm, I felt it was necessary to ensure high quality components were used and that it worked exactly how I wanted. It is manufactured in the USA and has the following features:

  • Constant Current Driver
  • 2x AA OR 2x 14500 (Standard use - Don't mix cell types)
  • Single Cell Capable (Emergency or weight reduction - Never add a fresh cell with a depleted cell)
  • Low Voltage Protection (short override capable)
  • Over Temperature Protection (short override capable)
  • Physical Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Maximum Sleep Mode Efficiency (< battery discharge rate w/ Li-Ion)
  • Proprietary ramping firmware with Frelux UI

 *** Note regarding NiMH/Alkaline Batteries ***

If you change the batteries in the light and it doesn't power on, please remove the back cap for 2 minutes and allow the driver to reset.

Technical Explanation for the curious:

Due to the dual chemistry capable features of the driver, there is a possible scenario where the driver could be locked in a low state for up to two minutes when changing depleted cells. Essentially the boost stage required for these cells is blocked. This scenario can occur if new cells are not replaced within 30-40 seconds of being removed but are replaced before the driver resets. Should this happen please remove the back cap for around 2 minutes to allow the driver to reset.

Low Voltage Protection

Level 1: Current reduction to 300mA at 3.1v 2 seconds after last switch press
Level 2: Driver shutdown at 2.8v 4 seconds after last switch press

Over Temperature Protection

Level 1: 55c lower output to 750mA (if higher) 3 seconds after last switch press
Level 2: 85c Driver shutdown 5 seconds after last switch press

Maintenance and Repair: 

DIY Kit to change the button and retention nut color on your Synergy2. Choose from variety of colors (with more options coming soon) and if you need the maintenance tool or not. Please watch the video below BEFORE purchasing to ensure its something you are comfortable with doing.