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Synergy1.5 (Pre-Order)

Synergy1.5 (Pre-Order)

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The Synergy1.5 is the updated version of the Synergy1. It uses the same light engine but improves on some physical characteristics. It has a slightly larger profile, and incorporates some of the features of the Synergy2 series of lights. It has similar o-ring sealing, captured center section and a captured clip. It also now uses a battery contact PCB in the cap for improved reliability and efficiency.

They come with a tumbled, acid washed, semi-matte anodized finish. The Cree LED is a higher output cooler temperature LED and the Nichia has a slightly lower output, warmer temperature and higher CRI.

Its a 2x AAA light with a reverse clicky button on the front and has low-medium-high modes. It will function with either standard alkaline AAA batteries or much preferred Ni-HM rechargeable AAA batteries. Please note: alkaline batteries are prone to leaking which can damage or even ruin your light.

It comes with a Titanium clip that has adjustable tension and can be used on either side of the light (like Synergy2).

The mode order for the driver is: Low - Medium - High
The light powers on to low and you "half press" (no click) to cycle the modes. Alternatively if you fully press (click) in succession it will also cycle the modes.

Nichia 219c Low: 1.4 lumens
Nichia 219c Mid: 25 lumens
Nichia 219c High: 125 lumens

Run Time:

High: 1 Hours
Medium: 8 hours
Low: 40 hours

Third party tested specs:

Cree XP-G2 Low: 1.9 lumens
Cree XP-G2 Mid: 37 lumens
Cree XP-G2 High: 188 lumens

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