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Frelux (Pre-Order)

Synergy3LT OD

Synergy3LT OD

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Titanium Clip Anodized Color
Pocket Clip Installation Side
  • Machined from 6061 USA produced aircraft quality aluminum
  • Adjustable tension, ambidextrous titanium pocket clip
  • 2 High (90+) CRI LED Options
  • Gold plated beryllium copper springs
  • Frelux™ FPV2 multi-chemistry multi-voltage constant current driver
  • Compatible with AAA (NiMH recommended)
  • Compatible with Button Top 10440 3.7v Li-Ion (Maximum Output)
  • Frelux™ ramping user interface with memory
  • Physical Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection (Both cell types, temporary override capable)
  • Over Temperature Protection (temporary override capable)
  • Physical button lockout
  • Waterproof (tested to 8ft deep)

The Synergy3LT is the latest Frelux designed light. It is the true successor to the very popular Synergy1\1.5. It has a simpler design than the original Synergy3 but still uses the same AAA\10440 driver. There are no hinges which allows for a sleeker profile which is a few grams lighter in weight and it has grooves machined directly into the body for extra traction.

Please choose a default side for the pocket clip. Right handed people usually carry the light in their right pocket so the clip is installed on the right side of the light (if holding the light). This is user swappable but you will need a .035" (.9mm) Hex. 


Please note outputs and runtimes are estimated and may vary depending on the battery type and condition.

Eneloop Pro AAA
Moonlight: 220 hrs
Default: 14 hrs
Max / Turbo: 72 minutes
Max Output: 350 Lumens

PKCell Li-Ion
Moonlight: 70 hrs
Default: 4.5 hrs
Max: 20 minutes to step down 42 minutes to off
Turbo: 10 minutes to step down 58 minutes to off
Max Output: 600 Lumens

Batteries Confirmed Working

4x PKCell 10440 3.7v Li-Ion
2x PKCell 10440 3.7v Li-Ion w/Charger
4x Panasonic Eneloop Pro AAA High Capacity Ni-MH
4x EBL High Capacity Ni-MH
EBL Universal Charger


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